Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

T.G.Baker (Sound) have installed and carry out maintenance on many Induction loop systems fitted throughout this building. These systems benefit the hard of hearing. They can use these systems by turning their hearing aid to the “T” position. Signage is provided to let the user know there has been a system installed.

T.G.Baker (Sound) involvement includes visiting to survey the site and clients requirements, designing a system to suit, full installation, commissioning and system maintenance.


Scottish Courts & Tribunals Service Building

The Scottish courts and tribunals service is the body responsible for the administration of the court system. The various buildings incorporate all aspects of the justice system from High Court of Justiciary to Sheriff Courts, Justice of the Peace Courts and Tribunals service. The buildings have numerous sound systems installed from public address/voice alarm systems, fire and bomb alert indicator, to standard building PA systems and intercom systems.

There are several court rooms in each of the buildings which have sound reinforcement/enhancement systems with automatic microphone mixers and IR hearing systems, these have been installed to enable legal personnel and the public to hear court proceedings, taking into account the need for confidentiality regarding sound overspill between courtrooms. We have also provided interpretation facilities for foreign language cases in the high court.

T.G.Baker (Sound) has been involved in all aspects of the above systems, from design to installation, service and maintenance. As part of the contractual and system design teams,

T.G.Baker (Sound) has had to meet the challenge of carrying out the works from the initial installation, through to system refurbishment and upgrades with all aspects being carried out in and around the daily business in buildings which are normally in constant use


Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service

The Crown Office is the independent public prosecution service for Scotland and is a ministerial department of the Scottish government. T.G.Baker has had the responsibility of installing, maintaining and servicing the communication and loops systems in the public areas where communication and confidentiality are of importance over public.

This has been achieved by involving the end users and discussing the requirements prior to works going ahead.

Systems installed include – Through screen intercoms, counter induction loop and building PA/VA.