St. Joseph’s RC Church Tollcross, Glasgow

In close communication with the parish Priest, the system was designed as a Voice Enhancement system consisting of wireless Lapel type, Lectern and Altar Microphones. An audio input and Induction Loop system are also provided. The Control equipment was recently replaced with a 100v line Mixer Amplifier, Microphones, Induction Loop Amplifier and Loudspeakers.

Simple to use controls clearly marked to allow ease of use. Two RCF L2406T Column type Loudspeaker are fitted to either side of the Chancel. These give clear even overall sound. Two external loudspeakers were also added to filter coverage to the entrance. These are wired via a volume control to provide simple on/off level control when required. An audio feed from the Church hall also connects to the system to allow each system to communicate to each area.