Ice Rink Olympia Shopping Centre – East Kilbride

This is a Performance Disco / Public Address / Voice Evacuation system installed at the Leisure Hub Ice rink in Scotland’s largest shopping centre.

T.G.Baker were involved with the consultants Gardiner and Theobald from the start of this project. Therefore we had close contact with the client and consultants throughout. Our involvement included system design, submitting a specification, full installation and commissioning.

A DJ style Mixer is positioned at the DJ booth positioned at the side of the Ice. Further Inputs to the system include two locally fitted Audio Inputs allowing easy connection of an audio source. An override signal from the Shopping centres system Public Address / Voice Alarm system takes top priority.

All Control equipment is professionally fitted into 2 Control racks, positioned local to the Ice Rink. These are pre-built and fully tested in our workshop prior to delivery to site.

Our engineers installed all the Loudspeakers and cabling, all conforming to current British standards.

Challenges included noise pollution to the surrounding restaurants. The system is designed to minimise this.


Trafford Centre, Manchester

T.G.Baker designed and installed the original PAVA system throughout the Centre back in 1998 when the Centre first opened its doors and eighteen years later we were asked to upgrade the original PAVA control equipment. 

The existing dual redundant fibre network was utilised with Baldwin Boxall Vigil 2 BS5839-8 compliant networked audio routers installed across seven distributed PAVA rack locations, with the facility to route up to fourteen concurrent audio channels.

Seven new emergency monitored paging microphones were provided throughout various locations across the Centre and a new digital audio player complete with message scheduler was added to the system for automated customer service messages. 

The routeing and priorities of the various inputs are all seamlessly controlled within the programming of the new audio routers with emergency messages, microphones and general messages all assigned appropriate priority levels to ensure the most important information automatically overrides broadcasts of a lower priority.